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Algoras is one of the leading e-invoicing solution providers in KSA, offering an approved and integrated invoicing system with Zakat, Taxes and Customs Authority (ZATCA).

About Algoras

Algoras, Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) , is a fully integrated system that allows organizations to run, standardize, regulate and integrate the business processes across all the departments and divisions.

Algoras automates many functions related to Finance, Human Resources & Payroll, Project Management, Procurement , Sales and Marketing, and many more.

Algoras Solutions

The world of business is changing and business owners are interested in finding new investment ventures and capital pools. The saying goes that money makes money and we the consultants who can make magic happen. The financial world is always looking for methods to utilize their capital to earn a sizeable income. The Algoras finance management software help business owners achieve their goals.

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Supply Chain Management

Getting into the world of supply chain management requires a knowledge of many fields such as finance, economics, and management sciences. It is the field that has been in existence for a very long time, however with time, it has evolved and is now being treated as a separate field.

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Human Capital Management

The new and improved human capital management software is made public recently. Labor costs management is small and fairly intricate job description. When the company starts to grow the businesses start to lose their grip on the staff expansion.

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Customers Relation Management

The Customer relation management software is not a new technology. Many businesses use this technology to make sense of the scattered matter of customer dealings. When a corporation have to deal with a customer base of thousands or millions in number the Algoras customer relation management software ensures the quality assurance of the process. The latest development in the Algoras software is that the customers are able to get the feedback on their part of the account. If they have submitted any queries and if they are making any complaints they would get a proper number. The customers do not get a sense that their requests have been ignored.

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Warehouse Management

The systems of the warehouse are getting much more advanced, and the use of technology has been proving to be a great initiative. It has been the use of modern technology that has enabled companies to reduce the operational cost and increase the chance of earning. The warehouse has been an essential part of factories, large manufacturing units, and super-markets. It is the place so many things are there, and it is there for storage for a different time depending upon their nature of use. These storing places are not just restricted to industrial units, they are also present on ports, for the temporary place for placing the things in them.

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Sales Invoicing

The Algoras Sales invoicing software is the need of every office that renders the services of individual sales person. For the sales person keeping track of their sales records is a big problem. Working to find leads and collecting enough information on them is already a lot of work. On the other hand the sales person has to find the time to file all the necessary paper work. Sometimes the late invoice can result in the loss of sales. Therefore, the sales person needs software that can create an invoice on the go.

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Analytics and Collaboration

The latest Analytics & Collaboration management software is presented by the Algoras with a lot of factors which can change the overall performance of the business. The business leader in making sure that the research and development department are pulling their weight. The business owners do not have any way of knowing that what the progress of the research projects is. They have to wait for the monthly report of progress. During this time the workers may get under shadow and they may come off as slacking or not making much effort. However, the Algoras analytics software provides a proper testing and conducting platform where the report for several experimentations can be registered.

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The awesome project management software by Algoras offers so many functions that make the life of project manager a lot easier. The job of project managers revolves around planning. From the budget to the time line and from human resource management to the arrival of raw material, a project has a multitude of tasks to shoulder. The project managers are always lost in the complex chart of the planning and creating timeline flexibilities.

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Covered Industries
Why Choosing Algoras
Improve Process Efficiency
Algoras ERP Software is helping businesses in automating their processes,in this way businesses will be able to compete in this challenging world.Things have changed a lot, manual work has been replaced by digital ways,and so getting equipped with these technological advancements has beengetting necessary.
It has been trending nowadays to control the machinery or processes fromthe remote control, Algoras ERP Software is providing solutions in thisregard. We have been committed to delivering high-end solutions to all ourclients that are interested to make use of modern technology.
Cost Saving
The real motive behind any business idea is to make money by having agood name among the audience. Algoras ERP Software is helping itsclients in making their process more cost-effective, we are working ondifferent ways to reduce the cost of doing business.
Accurate Forecasting
This is one of the most important factors in determining future sales andultimately profits. Companies are in dire need of some reliable tools that helpin forecasting these values close to real ones. Algoras is pleased to announce that our software and digital product responsible to calculate these data values are more accurate and efficient than any other in the market.
Algoras Customers
E-invoicing Services

Simplified E-Invoicing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Ensure seamless integration between your accounting system or your POS with the servers of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA)

Make Algoras your e-invoicing integration partner, and you'll be able to create e-Invoicing in minutes with 100 percent assured grade security.

How Algoras Team will help?

In an e-invoicing system the invoices, debit notes, credit notes are submitted to the ZATCA portal in the specified format for authentication. After successful authentication, the Universally Unique Identifier Number (UUID) and a QR code is generated and added to the invoice. This marks the invoice as a valid E-invoice that the seller can give to the buyer. Making it easy for you, Algoras standalone E-invoice Service is incorporated with all the necessary features ready to be integrated to any existing ERP or accounting system. Algoras Solution will help you simplify your entire e-invoicing process.

Algoras Team is enabling e-Invoicing on its existing ERP platform to help businesses become e-Invoicing compliant with the lowest set-up time.

  • Ready to be integrate with Algoas or any other ERP
  • Up-to-date Solution
  • State of Art security & reliability
  • Live SYC & Reporting
  • Free Updates & Compliance as per changes in ZATCA
  • We chose Algoras over several other ERP systems for its flexibility, scalability, and wide breadth of functionality. We liked the roadmap presented to us by Algoras Team as well as their support devoted to providing industry specific solutions. The team at Algoras showed deep industry knowledge and was always willing to back up their promises with detailed demonstrations, creating confidence and enthusiasm in our users. The familiar User Interface elements in the system, on the back end satisfied our technical staff and fit our skill sets. We believe that Algoras will be a cost-effective platform to further streamline our business and support future growth.
    -Ahmed Hamid Al Sofiani, LCI General Manager
  • We were looking for an application that would be efficient and easily accessible, customizable for all our department and which meets our business requirement and processes. Algoras ERP was proposed to us as a customized ERP deliver on quality and timelines. We were very pleased with the multiple features the ERP offers and Algoras team made a difference in rapidly understanding our needs, identifying our business requirements, and developing them in quick time. Their business understanding helped us streamline our processes and efficiently achieved our objectives. The team was dynamic and always ready to help. I would recommend Algoras ERP for their expertise and adaptability!
    Bawader Al Theqah
    -Ibrahim Aljarodi, BTIMARK Accounts Manager
  • I was pleased to find Algoras as an ERP solution that offers excellent value, as well as the specific functionality that our business requires. Algoras and our team at OTC did a fantastic job of working together to complete this project.
    -Salah Malak, OTC Chief Executive Officer, CEO
  • We needed a solution that would merge all departments from Finance to HCM and which would integrate with Inventory, Sales, Purchase, and Warehouse etc. The key was availability of information at the right time and the right place. With the Algoras Cloud ERP solution in place; we are happy and believe all future requirements will be met with Algoras Cloud ERP. I would not hesitate to recommend Algoras Cloud ERP to any clients, as I know they will receive a world-class service.
    -Hamoud Al Ashram, BTI Chief Financial Officer and Managing
  • We agreed that we didn't want to use legacy systems like Oracle...because of the horrific cost and maintenance issues. The beauty of installing these Algoras solutions is that we can use our own internal implementation staff. We, don't have to hire or pay for the usual software vendor army of highly priced, external ERP consultants
    Shadwan Int.Co
    Khaled Abu Al-Majd, Shadwan Chief Financial Officer
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