General Ledger
Financial Independence and Venture Capitals

With the old methods and software used for accounting there is no room for making future investment projections. However, the Algoras general ledger solution is much more than just a general ledger. It calculates the percentage of highest level of expense and automatically highlights the biggest cost accounts. The software has the ability to differentiate between old records and new ones. These highly sophisticated algorithms detect repeated trends and check for anomalies alert before closing any account. Our system does not depend on old technologies like oracle and have a greater security protocol.

The algorithms monitors the liability checks every carefully and alerts the owners in case of any unwanted breach. The system evaluates all the general entries for the margin of error. Settlement of accounts requires the personal approval of the owners. In case of unexpected increase or decrease the accounts are highlighted immediately. These innovations are crucial for the settlement of capital anomalies and major expense accounts.

In case of any rising payable more than the allotted limit the owner is sent a personal notification and al the account related history in a matter of seconds. This automated software is great for creating reconciliation statements and running cross checks. The Algoras general ledger software automatically scans archived records with the latest entries. The business owners can find out any positive or negative trends with a particular debt account in a matter of moments. Our general ledger software has a friendly user interface and does not require a lot of technical information for operating.

There are workflow wizard that are available in print format. The electronic reports are compatible with major accounting software. These reports are easy to send as email attachments and have the password protection option as well. So try Algoras general ledger software to streamline your financial cycle.

General Ledger Dimensions

The modern general ledger software by Algoras is secured as all the records are considered as dimension and cannot be accessed by users. This features assist in keeping the expenses sorted by the team of authorized users whereas the employee GLDs can be seen under the user page as well. Customizability in the GLDs can help to keep the records in the best way possible which results in better outcome from the projects.

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