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Supply Chain Support Applications


The Bawedar Al Theqah Int. Co wishes to improve productivity; to get the job done the company has applied to Algoras Software for a digital assistance. The main business model of this company is to trade automotive parts. One obvious factor in dealing with automotive parts is that this field is dominated by companies based in Japan. Therefore, to make a name for itself in the industry the Bawedar Al Theqah needs to update its systems with state of the art technology. Algoras Software understands that without perfect internal organization it is impossible to facilitate the customers and take the business to another level.

How Algoras Management Software Added More Value to Bawedar Al Theqah

The Bewadhar Al Theqah is an ordering place for automotive parts. The business deals with other retail suppliers in the region and also caters to the retail consumers. The most common issue faced by this business was the management of its parts. To address this issue, Algoras Software designed an automated CRM based program that accounts for all the parts available in the storage of Bawedar Al Theqah. The total inventory is accounted for and classified in a chronological manner. The orders that are placed by the wholesalers are processed through the Algoras Software and managed in terms of date of delivery. In this way, the company management is in a better position to prioritize their delivery delegations.


The Algoras Systems functionality has proven to be invaluable for the company, as this software classifies the total inventory in a chronological order and automatically applies for products that are getting out of stock. This type of automated response does not let the manufacturers catch up on the higher demand products and enforce a price hike. In the longer run, implementation of Algoras Software has managed to save costs and increase productivity by decreasing the loss of orders.

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