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Making the most of the Human Capital


Employees are the assets for any organization. However, just like any other asset if the human capital is not well-managed it can start to become a liability for the enterprise. Therefore, companies which start to grow on a large scale need to have better infrastructure to manage their human resources. One such case has been applied to the BAAN for Technology and Trade international. The organization is currently working with a work force of 1000 employees. The main model of the business is to facilitate its customers with tech support services. With the help of Algoras Human Capital Management Software the organization has boosted its annual performance graph.

How Algoras Stream lined Workers as Asset

Employees working for BAAN international are bound by the rules of the service industry. They have a huge list of clients and most of these clients are working on different projects. The billing hours for every employee are different. It was a major cause of concern for the organization to evaluate the work progress of its workers fairly and compensate them in accordance. That is where the Algoras software proposed to design software that can understand the complex working schedule of the workers. There are automated modules that are working in line with company internal policies for attendance and departure. It is possible for the employer to assign different working hours for different employees.

The Algoras HCM in 3 points

Algoras HCM is a Human Resources information system that allows, among other things, to better manage and automate most of the tasks related to the management of human resources. It is a tool made up of several software bricks - called modules - which adapt and evolve according to the needs and activities of the specific business framework by:

• Better management of administrative and HR processes

• Improved efficiency and performance

• Simplification of life for all employees

In short, Algoras HCM is a solution that allows management at all the stages and processes related to the employee cycle within the company.

Setting up an HCM: why now?

The digital transformation of companies began in the 1980s and now affects all services. Companies have often started with ERP to manage production operations. It was then the accounting, payroll and finance software that prevailed. Finally, sales teams today use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to monitor their customer relationship.

Now it's HCM turn to move away from paper and Excel spreadsheets to reap the many benefits of setting up an HRIS. Existing for ten years, the HRIS has now morphed into a mature tool, a fully configurable software brick, which adapts to accounting and administrative management dynamics. Efficiency, quality of HR data, consistency, or even centralization are just a few benefits of Algoras HR management solutions.

 HRM software response to new legal constraints

Neo cross-functional organizations frames rather than silos are the need of changing business requirements and work environments. The Labor Code obliges a business to structure, standardize, simplify and automate all HR processes. However, these processes should comply with numerous legal obligations. It is mandatory to integrate all the legal constraints when setting up the HCM in a sustainable way. So, that HCM evolves at the same rate as other regulatory obligations.

The implementation of an HCM allows employees to access an HR platform to monitor their leave, their training, their expense reports or even their schedules. For managers and HR teams, this is a huge time saver, with improved efficiency and less conflict.

Put people back at the heart of your business

The HCM not reserved for large accounts but it is a tool perfectly suited to the SME. It is both easy to set up and easy to use, after a short period of configuration. It is a tool that can be managed independently and securely. The HCM prepared by Algoras integrates for the specific need of a business is flexible, scalable and efficient. By simplifying and facilitating processes and administrative management, ALGORAS HCM therefore helps put organizations to focus on their high-performing employees while improving the social climate.

Time saving and boosted productivity

ALGORAS HCM software offers each employee the possibility of accessing all their administrative documents (contracts, training, leave balance, etc.) autonomously and instantly. This considerably reduces the administrative demands within a company. The saved time is felt at all levels of the company: employees, managers, HR players, management ... everyone wins.

No more paperwork! The Human Resources department is less used by employees as soon as an ALGORASHCM is in place, and it can focus on subjects with higher added value. Saving time, reliability, convenience, centralization ... the implementation of an ALGORAS HCM in a company can ultimately be summed up in one figure: up the efficiency gained in HR management.


In this manner the Algoras Software managed to clear out the unaccounted for pay receipts for the entire work force and managed to streamline a work schedule for the entire corporation. There is also room for making distinction in the departmental duties and bonus work based incentives. BAAN international have been able to earn the favor of its employees for introducing a fair and efficient compensation system and made it a great company to work for.

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