Case Studies

Rental Services Management


Car rentals are a great business model. The people who are visiting a new state for business cannot afford to fly their cars for traveling around. However, these people can have the ease of transportation in a foreign place with the help of Rent-A-Car Services. This great business model is something that makes a country more suitable for new investors and it is a basic need for every cosmopolitan in the world. One of these companies goes by the name of Arrow rent-a-Car. The business of Arrow rental was booming steadily. However, the company books kept showing a deficit trend despite the better struggles of the management. When the executives at Arrow asked Algoras team to look into this matter, the expert quickly pointed out the need for an auto billing software.

Creating Binding Car-Rental Contracts

The problem with the Arrow rentals was that the management was unable to keep track of the rental contracts that were made with their clients. At any given time, a huge number of rented cars were ordered by clients present in different regions. The company needed an automated and centralized contract generating system that can be easily traced and managed. Therefore, the executives agreed to implement the Algoras Rental Agreement Management Software. This software provided the customers with an easy interface that asks for their requirements and generates a unique rental contract based on their needs. All the terms and service conditions are communicated to the customers in advance. On the other hand, the company representatives automatically receive a copy of this contract and they are able to generate a bill based on the particular specifications provided by each customer.


The Algoras software not only helped Arrow rent-a-car manage and bill their individual renting contracts but the company was also able to streamline their secondary services like terms of repair and maintenance and fuel refills. This software also helped the business to manage its fixed asset evaluation more efficiently.

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