Accounts Payable

They can also invite the buyers and sellers parties to make an account in the portal and record all their payment details in it. Such great innovations are very suitable for wholesale buyers and middle man merchants, who want to sell and make a profit on a retail level.

The Easy Payable Calculator

Many companies deal in stocks and products that they have imported from other parties. They can ensure that these products are not easy to keep track of when they are selling for individual buyers. Therefore, the Algoras account payable software solutions provides a great solution for the buyers to ensure that they get their bids the first foot in the door. The prospect buyers can remain updated about the current prices and quotes from the sellers. They can make a bid and the sellers can accept the bids that they prefer. On the other hand, the sellers also have the option to widen their circle of prospect buyers. They can create and send bid information to the entire crowd on the sellers account. They have the ability to pick out the best bidding from a wide circle of buyers and they can send electronically generated invoices to their buyers in a matter of seconds. The whole prospect of buying and selling can take place without any hassles and all parties involved get the best possible solution for the said services.


The Algoras account payable management solutions are a first in the media industry. This automatic service is great for the measuring purpose and record keeping. There are no chances of miscommunication. The buyers and sellers can set limits on their payment accounts and the, Algoras Account payable software creates an alert if any existing order exceed that limit. Therefore, with the help and assistance of automatic reminder and alerting systems both parties have ease of access to the best deals available on the market and easy record keeping for the payable and receivable amounts. The same user can buy and sell bids from their account.

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