Supply Chain Management
Material requisition planning (MRP)

Keeping Correct Records

Many times when MRP management services go astray it becomes an unimaginably huge expense account. The workers do not feel any responsibility towards safe keeping the requisition that they have to handle. Under these circumstances the office equipment gets lost and broken a lot of times. There are no records to show who ordered what product and the entire place is in a state of shambles. At the end of the month when all expense accounts are closed the MRP list becomes a giant expense account and the equipment that has been purchased is not in great condition. The lack of proper recording results in loss and damage of the expensive requisition. In case of branch offices it becomes almost impossible to keep track of the MRP lists. Therefore, the Algoras MRP management software solution is a great help. The employees have a sense of understanding that the requisition loss would be traced back to them without any problems. Therefore, they take great care of their equipment and try to use things in a responsible manner.


he Algoras MRP management software minimizes the waste and loss of important work place requisitions. The workers are encouraged to behave in a more responsible manner. On the other hand, the branch office does not get the short end of the stick due to proper management of their work.

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