Automotive and Commercial vehicle

The best ERP software for automotive & commercial vehicle industry management is here to make an impact on the corporate world. Buying and selling cars does not have to be a big hassle for the customers. Vehicles are a fixed asset and a big investment. Many people refuse to go ahead with the purchase because they do not have sufficient money. There are instance when a customers is completely ready to make a purchase but they are unable to go ahead with the sales because all their queries have not been followed. The Algoras ERP software is simple solution that allows the customers to complete their research from the comfort of their homes. The customers can ask as many questions as possible about a certain brand of vehicle. Buying or selling cars was never as easy as this before.

The 360 Degrees Car Selling Solution

For the corporations that have to deal with their logistics needs in more than one country. Planning and maintenance can become a real problem. However the Algoras automotive & commercial vehicle industry management ERP software is here to pick up the slack and provide an organized platform for dealing with the corporate fleet problems. There are forms that cover the driver’s information for every shift. The owners of the vehicle always know which routes they are taking. They have the legal information of the driver and they have complete control over the fleet journey stops at every point. When the fleets make an unplanned stop the managers are send alerts and they can send the monitoring vehicles to take care of any unwanted problems. The drivers are able to send media reports about the status of the route from anywhere. The fleet managers can change shifts and keep an eye on the logistic route 24/7. On the other hand, the employee benefit vehicles can get checked with regular intervals and their users can get proper compensation for fuel and repair costs. The vehicles can be maintained on a regular basis and they do not lose their market value despite continual usage.


The corporate that use Algoras Automotive & commercial vehicle industry software have a greater service quality. Their fleet enjoys a safer route and longer life cycle. In case of any insurance claim there are always proper records for the concerned vehicles. Over all the managers and the owners of the vehicles are able to have more control over their fixed assets when they are working on remote locations.

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