Spare parts
Spare Parts

Algoras Automotive management software is a big leap forward in the field of spare parts management. The automotive industry wastes a lot of resources every year in terms of spare parts management. It can be said that the after sales department does not perform very well in terms of sales of these spare parts. On the other hand, the labor cost to manage these parts can be a lot compare to the whole profit generated by the department. The Algoras software is here to change all of these issues.

The Top Management Functions of Algoras Spare Parts:

1. The spare parts can be arranged with their type and with the help of their SKU.

2. The software quantifies parts based on numbers, quality, and suitability based on function.

3. The spare parts can be bar coded and recognized and accounted for separately.

4. The software also help to make the shelf arrangements based on the size and dimensions of these parts.

5. Replaced, returned, parts warranty, Insurance acclamation, and purchase orders are also managed categorically.

6. The spare parts in transit and to be ordered are also indicated by the software.

7. The orders for replenishing supplies are directly sent to the suppliers without human interference.

More functions:

8. The amount of commission and incentive on each part is also taken out and the costs of the spare parts are reduced.

9. Customers can go online and order any part at any time.

10. The software is capable of distinguishing between technical and non-technical customers and offering them the correct quotes for the spare parts.

11. The customers can take advantage of a single invoice system and buy whatever spare part they want at any given time without having to wait in line.

12. The software can also measure the parts in units like kilogram, liters, net weight, gross weight etc.

13. Other than trading and sales of the spare parts online, the Algoras automotive management software also provide personalized CRM portal to every individual customer.

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