Car rental

The top car rental business management software is here to make the lives of corporate showroom owners a lot easier. The businessmen who send their cars for rent are always worried about its safety. However, the car rental software collects the legal information of the driver completely. The owners of the car do not have to worry about the car being stolen or misused. There are speedometer check and torque checks which allows the owners to know how their vehicle have been used. The proper form format of the car rental allows the owners to collect all the necessary information of the drivers. They can monitor the car activity from a remote location. The owners can ask the car users which route they would take and for how many hours the car would be used. Therefore, the car owners are alerted in case there is a change in the allotted route or time. The owners can always contact the drivers easily and ask them about the change of routes.

How to manage a Car rental

Car rental business management services are often taken lightly. In fact they require a lot of security work. The customers should not feel afraid of renting a car. On the other hand, the owners should rest assured that their assets would not get stolen. Managing a car from a long distance is not easy. Many times the customers have to set up an entire fleet unit to make sure that their fleet is secure. However, with the help of the Algoras ERP software, the fleet management unit can have live feed and make media records at every designated stop. The drivers do not have to keep going on with just the fleet monitoring units. They have to report the physical presence of the vehicle at regular interval. Under these circumstances the possibility of theft and bluff is reduced to a bare minimum. The owners of the fleet can rest assured that their merchandise is travelling safely across borders. For the individual drivers the same thing applies. They have to keep sending in reports until they reach the end of their journey. The owners can rest assured that the drive is using the car in a responsible manner.


The Algoras Car rental business management ERP software is a pioneer in the industry. There are features that other monitoring units are unable to match. Not only the fleet is being monitored 24/7 the customers also feel safer travelling in rental cars due to the added layers of security.

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