Charities & not for profits

The Charity funds management software is a great way to organize events and secure the savings. The people from all over the world can participate in an online charity conference and wire money from their banks to the charity cause. The people who arrange this charity event can also transfer the money online to the relevant cause. This way the people have the full transparency that the money they are using is being used for the right cause. Many people forget to make donations because they are busy or unable to attend a charity conference personally. However, with the Algoras charity software the attendees can log in online anywhere and any place and view the event at their disposal. The event can remain live for a period of time and people from all over the world can share screen to add to the cause of the good work. With this method the amount raised can directly be transferred to the person of interest without their being any chances of fraudulent conduct.

The Great Causes

Many people make a good living and they have different mindset that makes them sincere to any particular cause. However during the busy lives people forget to make regular donations and they must be reminded from time to time to make donations for the poor and needy. Therefore, the Algoras have introduced an online charity funds management solutions provider. It is easy and accessible for all charity causes and they can easily sign up and create their own events. The software is affiliated with marketing services that work to promote the event beforehand to ensure maximum participation. The Algoras ERP charity management software is also compatible with the biggest and most popular online money transferring platforms in the world. People can send currencies from all over the world and the Algoras ERP software can acquire a foreign exchange rate on the spot. The great feature of the Algoras software is that it has a publically viewable account where the money is being collected. The participants know how much money is in the bank of charity and they can easily transfer the money to the charity local account.


The Algoras Charity funds management software is making a difference in the society where it matters the most. It aims to encourage people to take part in more charity events and does not miss out on these great opportunities.

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